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Pastoral Care - compassion and support

The Pastoral Care team at Joondalup Health Campus is available to help patients, families and staff cope with the emotional, personal and spiritual issues which arise when facing situations of stress, grief, loss or celebration.

It is often helpful to have someone who can listen to concerns, hopes and fears in a safe and completely non-judgemental manner.

Our non-denominational Pastoral Care team is available all day, every day to provide patients with support and comfort during their hospital stay. There are a number of ways to arrange a visit from Pastoral Care. A request can be indicated in writing on your hospital admission and pre-admission paperwork or during your admission process. You can also ask a nurse or ward clerk on the ward to arrange or you can call (09) 9400 9458. In addition, there is Prayer and Reflection Room located on the ground floor near the Wanneroo Wing. Ward staff will be happy to provide you with directions.

“The Pastoral Care team is trained in clinical pastoral support and we respect your privacy and dignity. Whether you have a faith background or no specific faith, our team is there for you.”

Your own clergy person is also very welcome to visit you during your hospital stay.

Pastoral Care Team:

  • Elizabeth O’Neill (Coordinator)
  • Fr. John-Paul Baalaboun
  • Sandy Anderson
  • Sunil Kunjukrishnan

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Pastoral Care