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GP Trainee Information

Where do I complete my hospital training time?

Come to Joondalup Health Campus for your RMO year and we will take care of the rest. We can plan your entire hospital training program with you.

Year 1 RMO example rotations

 Leave Relief

 Rural Rotation  O & G   Rehab & Aged Care  Cardiology/CCU 
Cardiology/CCU  Emergency  Emergency  Mental Health  Leave Relief
 Emergency  Leave Relief  Mental Health  Paediatrics  General Medicine
 Orthopaedics  Rehab & Aged Care  Emergency  Emergency  Leave Relief
 General Medicine  O & G  Leave Relief  Emergency  Mental Health
 Paediatrics  Emergency  General Medicine  Leave Relief  Surgery
 Anaesthetics  Leave Relief  Cardiology/CCU  Intensive Care  Emergency
 Intensive Care  Emergency  Leave Relief  General Medicine  Cardiology/CCU 
 O & G  Surgery  Emergency  Leave Relief  Intensive Care
 Peri-op Medicine  Emergency  General Surgery  Leave Relief  Rehab & Aged Care

 Secondment sites include Hollywood Private Hospital and WA Country Health Service

Year 2 RMO or Registrar example rotations

6 months
O & G   Rehab & Aged Care Leave Relief 
Extended Skills 

Junior Doctors

Training and Development is committed to supporting a culture of excellence by encouraging life-long learning to all staff

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