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Research & Ethics Department

Support for Researchers:

The Joondalup Health Campus (JHC) Research & Ethics Department can help researchers with queries relating to the approval and conduct of research at JHC. We also provide access to researcher education and training (including GCP training and biostatistics) and act as a central reference point for research undertaken at Joondalup Health Campus.

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Interested in undertaking a research project at JHC or want to collaborate with our staff?

The Research & Ethics Department is looking to maintain a list of projects available for staff/students to undertake at JHC.

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Research Activity

To read more about the research conducted at Joondalup Health Campus, you can download our Annual Research Reports below:


Research Approvals:

Any research activity that is to be undertaken within Ramsay Health Care must have both Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and Research Governance approvals in place.

1. Research Ethics - Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

The Ramsay Health Care (RHC) WA|SA HREC (EC00266) provides ethical review of proposed research to be conducted at Joondalup Health Campus (JHC). Ethical approval which has been granted by an external health-service HREC, may be sufficient to allow the research to commence at JHC in some circumstances.

For further information about submitting an application for ethical review, including forms and meeting dates, please visit the Ramsay Health Care Research Ethics website or contact the Executive Officer of the RHC WA|SA HREC as per the details below. 

2. Research Governance

Research Governance refers to the process by which an institution ensures that any research activities conducted under its auspices proceed in a safe manner, are in compliance with all relevant legislation and policies and are able to be supported by the facility.

Researchers planning to undertake research at Joondalup Health Campus, must submit a Site Specific Assessment (SSA) form for approval by the National Research Unit and JHC Executive. Further information about submitting an application for research governance review can be located on the Ramsay Health Care Research Governance website or by contacting the Research Governance Office via the email address below.


Joanna Brisbane
Research & Ethics Manager (Joondalup Health Campus)
Executive Officer – RHC WA|SA HREC
Phone: (08) 9400-9897 (for general research and ethics enquiries)

Email contacts:


Participants: If you have any complaints or reservations about any ethical aspect of your participation in a research project, please contact the Consumer Liaison Office at Joondalup Health Campus on (08) 9400 9404. They will direct your complaint to the most appropriate person. Any complaint you make will be investigated by an independent party, treated in confidence, and you will be informed of the outcome.

Researchers: Any concern or complaint about the HREC's review process should be directed to the attention of the Executive Officer, RHC WA|SA HREC, detailing in writing the grounds of the concern or complaint. Any complaint which cannot be resolved at the local level may be referred to the Ramsay Health Care National Research Unit for resolution.

Human Research Ethics Committee