Joondalup Health Campus
Part of Ramsay Health Care

GP Liaison

Dr Farid Taba holds the position of Liaison General Practitioner at Joondalup Health Campus. His role is to foster a closer relationship between the hospital and general practice community and to address matters of mutual interest.

The objectives of the position are to:

  1. Provide a general practice perspective on patient care to Joondalup Heath Campus
  2. Facilitate communication between the hospital and general practitioners in relation to patient care
  3. Represent general practice in the strategic planning and policy development within the hospital
  4. Participate in the development / implementation of collaborative initiatives involving the hospital, general practice, networks of GPs and other health care agencies
  5. Liaise with networks of GPs and the GP community on issues pertaining to the hospital / GP interface
  6. Develop a perspective of hospital / GP related issues at a state and national level.

Email address:

08 9400 9775 GP Priority Line

Dr Farid Taba

Dr Farid Taba