Joondalup Health Campus
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New boom gate at hospital take the guesswork out of parking

Sep 01, 2012

Visitors to Joondalup Health Campus can now take the guesswork out of car parking fees following the installation of pay-as-you-leave parking.

“We have installed a boom gate in the main visitors’ car park,” said Chief Executive Officer Kempton Cowan. “Motorists now pay for parking when they leave instead of when they arrive. The new system is a lot easier for patients and visitors who previously had to guess how long they needed to park.”

Joondalup Health Campus introduced paid parking for visitors in 2009. The hospital has one of the lowest fees of any hospital in Perth at $1.50 per hour Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 12 noon in line with City of Joondalup parking restrictions. Ticket machines have been relocated outside the main entrance of the hospital and opposite the Emergency Department.

“We have limited car parking bays for visitors,” said Mr Cowan. “When parking was free, our car parks were full of vehicles belonging to people who were not visiting the hospital. Paid parking was introduced to maximise the chances of bays being available for those who need them most – patients and visitors.”

Additional visitor bays are under construction and will become available next year.