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Nick Jones


Hospital ‘legend’ wins customer service award

Jul 12, 2019

Joondalup Health Campus’ Patient Transport Supervisor, Nick Jones, was announced a winner at the WA Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare awards held on Friday 5 July.

Named winner in the category, Exceptional Customer Service”, Nick said he was surprised and humbled. 

His manager and nominee, Head of Enviro Services Andrew Lindsay, said it was a proud moment and extremely well-deserved for Nick, who has worked for the hospital for more than 20 years.

“Nick is so well-known throughout the hospital for going above and beyond,” he said.

He added that Nick exemplifies the organisation’s motto, The Ramsay Way, which was inspired by its late Founder Paul Ramsay, who passed away in 2014.

The Ramsay Way was developed by Paul 25 years ago and it is all about people caring for people – and Nick does that every hour of his working day,” he said.

“He is absolutely unwavering in his resolve and willingness to make sure staff and customers are well treated – and this is at the heart of everything he does.

“You see him taking patients from one area of the hospital to the other and he is invariably kind and good-humoured,” he said. “His affable nature is so highly infectious and he has this enthusiastic spirit that has seen him befriend many co-workers across every discipline.

“He has invested much of his personal time during these past 20 years nurturing a strong team culture across many departments which helps us all work together.

“One year, Nick personally organised for the Emergency Department staff a huge BBQ, a banquet for seventy and a “pig on a spit” celebration to give them an opportunity to reflect, destress and relax away from the stressful environment of the ED.

“To refer to Nick as an ‘asset’ to the company would be wrong; assets can be sold, traded and even liquidated - I would liken him more to a tree.

“From the start of his employment at the Joondalup Health Campus in 1999 he has set deep roots within the organisation, growing stronger with time, offering support to all and I hope he will be around for many years to come.”

Chief Executive Officer Kempton Cowan described Nick as ‘a legend in the hospital’.

“The late Paul Ramsay would be so proud to know that we have Nick still working with us,” he said.  

“Paul was such a larger-than-life man and whenever he visited, he always took the time to stop and speak to people and ask them how were doing.

“I see a lot of that same caring manner in Nick – and I’m really pleased to hear that he has won this award, he absolutely deserves it.”