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Mental Health Unit

Our 47-bed mental health facility, comprising of 10 secure beds and 37 open beds, provides acute in-patient psychiatric care for public patients in comfortable surrounds.

In 2009, the Mental Health Unit (MHU) underwent a $12m expansion of its facilities. Along with increasing the unit’s capacity, the new unit has improved the patient’s experience through several key differences:

  • More therapy and support areas

  • An increased number of larger landscaped courtyard areas

  • A family friendly meeting area which has been attached to the secure ward, allowing young children to visit in a controlled environment

  • The wards are light and bright  and there are several areas, besides their rooms, where patients can take ‘time out’

The MHU has incorporated an open design with natural light with extensive use of windows; a combination of bright and soothing colours to promote feelings of wellbeing; spacious courtyards and therapy areas; and a family friendly meeting area.

At Joondalup Health Campus, we understand that mental and physical health go hand in hand.

Our services are the most comprehensive in the northern Perth area and include:

  • A 47-bed in-patient Mental Health Unit, with award-winning staff and programs

  • Psychological and psychiatric services available to all mothers in the antenatal clinic and obstetric service – with Joondalup Health Campus the first service in Australia to screen all new mothers for psychological problems

  • A psychiatric liaison team in our newly-expanded Emergency Department and wards

  • Psychologists and psychiatrists working closely with the in-patient unit

  • Close links with out-patient services, including collaboration with the adjacent Joondalup Mental Health Centre and clinical psychologists in the area.

We encourage and assist our mental health clients to access other hospital services where required. Community-based educational programs about lifestyle, along with ongoing support for mental and physical health issues, are also available.

We offer a range of services based on a genuinely holistic approach to patient care.  Engaging in meaningful activities, experiencing good relationships and feeling optimistic about the future are some of the things that enhance mental wellbeing. What happens when you lose sight of these things, either for a short time or over a longer period of your life?

If you feel you may need help with diagnosis or treatment of a mental health condition, we can enable you to take steps towards improving your mental wellbeing. 

To find out more, talk with your GP.

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