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How to use the search function

You can search the specialists list by:

  • Name of the doctor
  • Name of specialty
  • Name of sub-specialty
  • Keyword - found in the doctor's profiles

Once you start typing in the search box below, a list directly below the box will appear. This is a quick list of the doctors containing the letter(s) you typed in. Fox example, you typed in the letter "g" and a list of doctors with the letter "g" appears. From this list you can see the full name of the doctor as well as their Specialty. Click on the doctor's name that you are looking for and click on the Search button.

Other examples you can type in the box

Name of doctor - eg. Smith

Name of specialty - eg. Anaesthetist

Name of sub-specialty - eg. General Gynaecology

Keyword - eg. hand

This search is not case sensitive, so anaesthetist is the same as Anaesthetist.

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