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Hat trick at Joondalup

Nov 03, 2016

The first set of triplets to be born at Joondalup Health Campus (JHC) in more than a decade were safely delivered on October 20.

Now a mother-of-seven, Abigirl Damba said the care she received from the hospital far surpassed what she may have received in her native country of Zimbabwe, where it is not uncommon for women to go an entire pregnancy without any antenatal scans.

“One of my sisters back at home has twins and she didn’t know until the birth that she was carrying two babies!” she said.

Mrs Damba said she was shocked but also happy to discover at 11 weeks along that she would have triplets.

“It was a big shock,” she said. “I already have four other children at home and now we are a family of nine. We will soon need a bigger house!”

JHC obstetrician Dr Maria Kladnitski said the delivery via caesarean section went smoothly with all three safely out within 35 minutes. Baby boy Bryson delivered first, followed by sisters Bianca and then Bailey.

JHC obstetrics and gynaecological ultrasound specialist Bridget Jeffery was responsible for the scans and antenatal care throughout the triplet pregnancy and said Mrs Damba had done incredibly well to carry all three babies to 35 weeks and six days.

“Triplets happen naturally in about one in 8000 Australian pregnancies,” she said. “Usually triplets are born around 32 weeks gestation, so to have carried these babies until just shy of 36 weeks is very good,” she said.

“Amazingly, all three are non-identical; meaning three separate eggs were fertilised at the time of conception and each baby had its own placenta, which is better for their development.”

The last set of triplets born at the hospital was to a JHC midwife back in early 2000.

Hat trick at Joondalup